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On the Zenkit homepage, click on the three-line burger icon in the top left-hand corner to open the navigation panel, then click on "Add" at the bottom of the panel and select "Create Workspace".

Name your workspace and click "Create Workspace". 

If you are working with a mobile device, you can click the round "+" icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Select "Create Workspace" from the following menu.

Your new workspace will by default always be added to your primary Organization. To add the new workspace to a different organization, simply click "Organization" and a drop-down will all available organizations will appear. Click your desired organization.

Your workspace will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on the "+" to add your first collection to the workspace.

Open the workspace settings popup by clicking on your workspace name on your Zenkit home page. 

Here you can rename your workspace, add a workspace description, add workspace members, and view workspace activities.

To assign a new Collections to your new Workspace on a mobile device, swipe the field to the left edge of the screen. Click the blue "+" that appears.

Then select "New Collection" to add the first collection to your workspace.