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Not sure where to start with Zenkit? Why not try one of our templates! Templates make it easy to get your projects going with just a few clicks. 

Where to find Templates

You can access templates in three ways: 

  1. From your Zenkit profile, click on "Help" on the right then choose "Templates and Tutorials". 
  2. When you create a new collection, click "Templates and Tutorials" 
  3. Navigate directly to

How to use Templates

The template center contains lots of different templates categorized by use case. The first category on the page is "Featured Templates". These are popular templates that we found super helpful, and you may too! 

You can navigate between categories using the list on the left hand side. To find a specific template, you can use the search bar shown above the category list. To view all the templates in a category, click on the category name. To learn more about a particular template, click on the image or name of the template. You can click through the template shown on each page to get a better idea of how it all works.


Some templates contain more than one collection. These multi-collection templates are usually linked to each other through reference fields. Some examples of multi-collection templates are the Project Planner, Car Hunt, or CRM for Sales. 

To use a template, click "Use this Template" then choose the workspace you want to add the collection to, or create a new workspace for it.

The collection or collections will be downloaded into your Zenkit and you'll see them marked "New" on your homepage.

For now, all the example items contained inside the templates will be downloaded too.

Creating Collections from Templates in the Mobile Version

If you are using Zenkit on a mobile device, tap the "+" icon in the lower right corner and select "Templates and Tutorials".

You will be taken to an overview of all templates to choose from. Select any template to be able to preview it.

Select from different themes within a template. In the following window, you can either open a preview or apply the template to a new collection.