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Moving collections between workspaces on the desktop or a mobile device is easy! From the Zenkit home page, click on the collection you want to move, then drag and drop it to the workspace you want.

You can also move collections via drag & drop inside the navigation panel. After having placed the collection where you desire it to be. Confirm the action in the pop-up that appears.


Dragging and dropping collections in this way can also be used to re-order the collections in the workspace, so you can put your most important collections at the top.

Note: re-ordering collections like this changes the way they're displayed for every member of the workspace.

You can also move to a different workspace from the collection settings. Click on the collection name when it's open, and select "Move to Workspace" from the Actions menu, then choose the workspace you want from the dropdown menu.

When you move a collection, collection members will remain, and members of the new workspace will be able to see the collection.

Members of the old workspace who are not members of the collection or new workspace will no longer be able to see the moved collection. 

Note: Only the collection owner can move collections.