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You can find any and all items that you've ever archived in a collection in the "Archive" section of the collection settings. From here, you can restore or delete individual items, items that match a filter or search, or even all items in the archive.

Accessing the collection archive

When your collection is open, click on the collection name to open the collection settings. Click on "Archive" in the left hand panel to open the archive.


Just like items in a collection, click on the name of an item to open it. You'll be able to see all the details of the item as if it were not archived.

Selecting and filtering for items

To select specific archived items, hold down the Alt key while clicking on the item name.


If you'd like to find a particular subset of items, you can use the filter found in the top right hand corner, just like you would in a normal collection view. 

Restoring or deleting items from the archive

You can restore or delete items from the archive using the "Restore" and "Delete" buttons shown at the bottom of the list of items. The count shown in those buttons reflects either all items (if none are selected or filtered), the number of selected items, or the number of items that match the current filter (also if none are selected). 

If you have set a filter and then selected a few of the items that match the filter, you will be restoring/deleting the selected items, not all that match the filter. As always, you need to confirm a permanent deletion of items by clicking "Delete" a second time.


Note: It is not possible for you or anyone on our team to restore items that have been permanently deleted. Please make sure that you're sure you would like to delete them before you confirm!