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Customize your collection to make it stand out. You can give it a custom icon, change what items are called and change the background color or image, so each collection has its own personality. Open the collection properties by clicking on the collection title.

Item Naming

In "Settings" you can choose what items will be called throughout the collection. For example, if you’re creating a project collection, you could call them ‘Tasks’. If you’re creating an applicant database, you could call them ‘Applicants’.


Collection Icon

You can also choose an icon specific to your collection to help it stand out among your other collections. Select from the set of pre-loaded icons, or choose your own by clicking on the "+" tile.

Zenkit uses icons from the Font Awesome collection. To find the perfect icon for your collection, search for an icon in the search bar. Try typing ‘users’ for a person-based collection, or ‘birthday-cake’ for a party-planning collection!* 

To make your collections even more easily identifiable, you can change the colours of your icon and its background so you can find them easily on your homepage.*

To add a color, click on "Icon color" or "Icon background color" then pick one from the color picker. To clear a color, click on "Clear color".


Your new colored icon will appear in the top left corner of the collection settings.

Collection Background

To change the collection background, click on "Manage Add-Ons" on the left hand panel of the collection settings.

Next to "Collection Themes", click "Add". 

Here you can choose to have no background (your collection will use your profile background), a plain color, pattern, suggested photo, or a theme. We'll be adding new ones over time so you can fully customize your collections.


Top tip: You can upload any image you want to use as a background! Click on the "+" tile in the personal section and upload a file with drag & drop or by browsing your computer. 

You can change themes and backgrounds afterwards by opening your collection settings and then clicking on "Collection Themes" in the menu on the left. 

To learn more about customizing backgrounds and themes, please read our article on customizing Zenkit

*Custom collection icons and custom backgrounds are available with Plus accounts or higher.
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