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If you are working with a Plus plan or higher, you have the option to assign specific roles to other users which give them certain permissions within folders and lists. Currently there are five user roles - Owners, Members, Editors, Commenters, and Guests.

Roles and permissions can also be split between folders and lists. For example, someone who is a "Member" of a collection, can also be only an "Editor" of the folder that contains the list. This means they have full permissions inside the list, but limited permission in the folder itself.

Currently each of these user types still needs to register for a Zenkit account, even guests and commenters.

User roles and permissions


A folder owner or list owner is the user who created the folder or list. This user has full permissions within the folder or list, including being able to delete it, and move lists to other folders.

Owners can also add and remove users to a folder or list, and re-assign user roles. There can only be one collection owner.


A member has full permissions within a folder or list and can also re-assign user roles that are lower than "Owner". A member cannot delete a list or folder they're a member of, nor can they move lists to another folder.


Editors can create, archive, and delete tasks, and add information to tasks e.g. by adding notes or dates, but they may not add or remove members or change member roles.


Commenters can view a list, open tasks, and comment on them, but have no other permissions.


Guests can view a list but not interact with it in any way.

Note: If a user in a list has a certain role assigned to them in the folder, you can also select "None" as a role. This will automatically give that user the same permission in the list as they have in the folder.

Changing user roles

To change the role of a user, you need to be an Owner or Member of the folder or list. To change folder roles, click on the workspace name on the home page, then on "Members". To change them in a collection, click on the collection name, then "Members", or click on the member icon in the top right corner of the collection.

Once the list of members is visible, click on the name of the user you'd like to assign a role to. A dialog will pop up where you can select one of the available roles from the menu.

Changing the folder or list owner

Only the current owner of a list or folder can transfer ownership of it. You can transfer ownership from the "Access" section of your list or folder settings. Open the access section, by opening the list or folder settings. Choose the member you would like to transfer the ownership to and click "Transfer Ownership" beneath the list of different member roles.

Group roles vs. User roles

If you have a Business plan or higher, you may have access to your organization's admin panel. This allows you to create and add user groups. You can set permissions for an entire group, however group permissions do not impact user permissions. User permissions override group permissions on a list or folder level.

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