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Many Wunderlist users have already made the move across to Microsoft To Do, the app touted as the "official" replacement for Wunderlist by Microsoft. If you've already made the switch, don't worry! You can import your lists from MS To Do into Zenkit To Do in a couple of moments.

How to import from Microsoft To Do

  1. Tap or click on "Import from other apps" at the bottom of your home list or navigation panel in Zenkit To Do
  2. Choose "Microsoft To Do Import"
  3. Log into your Microsoft account and give Zenkit permission to access your account.
  4. Choose the folders and lists you want to import and tap or click "Import"

When choosing the information you want to import, you have several options available:

  • Import all lists and folders by clicking the blue "Select all" button at the bottom of the import dialog.
  • Import all lists from a particular folder by tapping or clicking "Select all" next to the folder name.
  • Import individual lists by tapping or clicking on the list name. They will get a blue check mark.
  • You can also toggle on or off the option to save space by importing only active tasks (i.e. those not marked as complete).

Please Note: The import for Microsoft To Do works over their API. This means that Zenkit To Do is only able to access the information that Microsoft chooses to share over their API. Unfortunately, this is somewhat limited in comparison to the data you can get from the direct Wunderlist import. Zenkit To Do is unable to get the following information:

  • Steps (Subtasks/Checklists)
  • Task assignments
  • Memberships or people you've shared lists with
  • Lists that have been shared with you (only lists that you created or own)