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Notifications in Zenkit To Do are very flexible and give you granular control over exactly what types of notifications you want to get and where. You can find the notifications in your app settings by tapping on your name (mobile) or clicking on your profile icon (desktop/web), then on Settings > Notifications. Alternatively, if you have your notifications menu open, you can click on "Settings" at the bottom of the menu.

Notification Types

There are five types of notification:

  • General - These notifications inform you when you've been added to a list or folder, or a task has been assigned to you.
  • Reminders - If you set a date for a task, you can also set a reminder to ping you at some chosen time prior to the due date/time.
  • @Mentions - If someone mentions you in a comment you will get a notification.
  • Activities - If something in a list or task changes, like a new member being assigned, due date changing, task marked done, or tasks archived. Activities appear under the "Subscriptions" section because you will only get this notification type if you subscribe to a list.
  • Comments - If someone comments on a task, you get a notification. Comments appear under the "Subscriptions" section because you will only get this notification type if you subscribe to a list.

Notification Locations

There are also 5 places you can receive a notification:

  • Email will send the notification to your email.
  • Toast will push a little notification to the top right corner of your Zenkit window.
  • Notification means that the notification will appear in your notifications menu.
  • Desktop sends a push notification to your desktop.
  • Mobile sends a push notification to your phone if To Do is installed.

Changing your notifications

To change where you get notified about a certain type of notification, tap on the notification type and then turn the toggles on or off depending on your needs.

Manage Subscriptions

Here you can see all of the lists you're subscribed to, including from other products in the Zenkit Suite. e.g. If you've connected collections from Zenkit Base to To Do via the Zenkit Suite, you'll see subscriptions to filters or tasks you've subscribed to in Base, too. 

To unsubscribe from a list, tap or click the X next to the subscription and then on "Unsubscribe" to confirm. 

You will only get some sorts of notifications such as comments and activities if you are subscribed to a list.

You will also be subscribed to tasks you are assigned to by default. To turn this function off, tap or click the toggle next to "Automatically subscribe me to tasks I am assigned to" to the off position.

Restore Defaults

This option will restore your notification settings to the default settings. This will not affect whether or not you are subscribed to a list.