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The Zenkit Suite refers to connecting lists with other Zenkit products, such as Base and Zenchat. Once you've connected a list, it will be visible inside the other product. For example, in Base a list will appear as a collection, grouped under a new workspace with the same name as the folder that contains your list. In Zenchat, it will appear like a group chat. For the purpose of this article, Base is used as an example, however the same is true for any other product in the Suite!,

Any change that you make to a task within the list will show within the collection in Base, too, and vice versa. It's not that they 'sync' with each other, in fact, they're the exact same resource, just viewed using different apps. This is extremely helpful, especially if one person needs a big overview of all tasks with a structured approach such as a Kanban board or Gantt chart, and others simply need a simple and effective way to work through their tasks. 

Tap "Connect" next to "Base" to connect your list to Zenkit Base. If you don't see Base listed here, you'll need to install it

Once you connect your list to Base, you'll see it as a collection in your Base account. Your items will be calculated to the quotas of every connected Zenkit product.

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