The integrations section is where you can manage access to external apps, get your API key when needed to connect to other apps, or access the Zenkit Developer Portal to integrate your own app to Zenkit.


You can use your API key to connect Zenkit to other services such as Zapier, Google Drive,.

Under 'API key', you'll see a button that says 'Generate new API key'. This will produce a string of text and numbers. You can choose to use this key, or generate a new one.

Please note that if you generate a new key, apps connected to your Zenkit account using the old key will need to be connected again with the new one.

External Apps

The External Apps section lists the apps you've connected with Zenkit via the API. 

Click on the name of an app to access details about when and where it was connected, and to disconnect it from the product it's connected to. If you tap or click on "Disconnect", you will not be prompted to confirm, so please be sure that you want to disconnect beforehand.

Zenkit Developer

This last section will guide you to our Developer Portal and the API documentation that will enable you to upload your own apps to work with Zenkit over the API. This API enables you to work with all Zenkit products, although some of the terminology may be different.