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My Calendar is a way to combine multiple collections in one place.

You can integrate up to 20 different collections into My Calendar, so that you get a complete visual overview of projects across Zenkit. To activate My Calendar, visit your Profile settings. Under "Add-Ons", click "Add" next to My Calendar and then "Enable".

If you want to disable the calendar, click on "Remove Add-on" in the same section of your profile. If you choose to re-enable the calendar, the same collections and calendars that you had connected previously will still be there. 

Adding a calendar

Zenkit will automatically add a few of your collections to My Calendar the first time you open it. These collections are taken from your 'My Collections' workspace. 

To add a different collection to your calendar, click on the "Add Calendar" button in the side panel and select "Collection". 

Choose a desired collection to add it to your calendar.

All collections that contain a date field will be listed in bold, with their respective date fields listed beneath. Click on the name of a date field to add it to the calendar. Currently, it's only possible to show one date field per collection on My Calendar.

In case you want to add an external calendar to the view, follow the same steps as described above but choose "iCal" instead of "Collection". External calendars are great if you for example want to insert all bank holidays from your country at once.

Following that, you will see a small window including a text field in which you can type in the name of your calendar and an area for a URL. Insert your desired URL there and click "Add". 

Removing or hiding a calendar

To remove a calendar, simply click on the "X" next to the calendar name and it will be removed completely.

To hide a calendar but keep it connected to My Calendar, click the eye icon. This will hide the items on the calendar and can be useful if you need to focus on only a few calendars at a time. To show the calendar again, just click on the eye icon again!

Changing the color of a calendar

Zenkit automatically assigns a different color for each calendar so that you can differentiate between them at a glance. To change the color of a calendar, click on the paint brush icon that appears when you hover over it and pick a new one! 

Adding new items to a calendar

To add a new item directly on the calendar, click on the "+" icon on the date you want to add an item to. Click on the V icon on the right-hand side to choose the collection you want to add the item to, then type in the name of the item and hit enter.

If you need to add multiple items to a particular calendar, it's easier to do so from the side panel. To add a new item to a particular calendar, first click on the calendar name.

Click on the plus icon and type in the item name. The item will appear at the bottom of the list of items. Please make sure that you are viewing "All" or "Unscheduled" items within the calendar, or the item will not appear.

Searching a calendar

To search for an item within a calendar, click on the magnifying glass icon when you have the calendar open.

Please note: the search is affected by whether you're viewing "All", "Scheduled" or "Unscheduled" items. 

Showing all, scheduled, or unscheduled items

You can easily toggle between showing all, scheduled, or unscheduled items in a calendar by clicking on the word and selecting another option from the drop-down menu. 


Show or hide the side panel

Just like in the normal calendar view, you can choose to hide or show the side panel in My Calendar. To close the side panel, click on the "X" at the top right-hand corner of the panel. To open it again, click where it shows the number of connected calendars in the top right-hand corner. 

Click on the panel icon to make it appear as a panel again. You can move this panel to the right or left-hand side of the page.

Learn more about using panels.

Your calendars are now accessible even without an internet connection. Even appointments that you have synchronized via iCal are now available offline.