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The My Team add-on lets you view items you're assigned to as well as items assigned to people you're collaborating with. It's a really easy place to delegate new tasks quickly since you can also assign items directly from this view, too!

Enable My Team

My Team is a global add-on, which means that you enable it for your entire Zenkit account. You can enable My Team from the "Manage Add-Ons" tab in your profile settings. 

Viewing My Team

You can access My Team from the navigation menu in the top left hand corner. 

It will open automatically to items assigned to you. To view items assigned to someone you collaborate with, click on the filter icon in the top right hand corner then choose a team member from the drop down menu. 

As with all other Zenkit views, you can customize how you view items in Assigned Items. To change the item size or position of images on items, click on the settings icon in the top right hand corner.  

Assigning an item

To assign an item to yourself or to someone you collaborate with, click on "Add Item..." at the top of the page. If someone has no items assigned to them, this bar is the only thing you'll see. 

Name your item, choose the collection you want to assign the item to from the dropdown menu, then hit enter. 

Docking the team member panel

If you'd like to dock the list of collaborators as a panel, click on the panel icon in the top left hand corner of the filter menu. 

You can then quickly switch between member lists with a single click. Learn more about using panels.