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Each collection has a section where you can view and manage existing connectors.

Connectors are just an indication of a one-way integration between Zenkit and another tool. For example, a Zapier Zap that adds new Zenkit items to a row in Google Sheets can be found under the connector panel. A Microsoft Teams connector that sends item updates to your chat channel will also appear there.

Click on the name of one of the connected apps to see all the connections for that app. You can see who created the connection and which URL it connects to. 

You can also remove the connection by clicking the trash can icon to the right hand side. In the confirmation dialog, click on "Delete". 

Note: This will not disable the connection in the other app, it will simply stop sending information to that app via the web hook. However, if, for example, you disable then re-enable the Zap in Zapier, it will re-establish the connector and it will appear again in Zenkit.