To view a list of all the tasks within a chat, click or tap on the "Tasks" button in the top right hand corner of the chat. This will initially open as a menu.

Docking and undocking the task menu

You can opt to view the tasks as a side panel. To do so, hover over the menu then click the small panel icon on the left to dock the task menu as a panel.

The panel will open to the right hand side of the chat and fill the entire height of the window.

To undock the panel, hover anywhere over it then use the upward pointing arrow to return it to the menu form.

Hide and show done tasks

To hide tasks marked as done, click on the "Done" button, then click "Hide".

To show them, click on "Done" then choose "Show". Done tasks will appear underneath the tasks still to do. 

Change the panel width

When the list of tasks is in "panel" mode, you can change the width of the list to better fit the space you have available on your screen. By default, the panel opens in the most narrow width. To increase it, hover your mouse over the leftmost edge of the panel until a "resize" cursor appears. Click and hold to drag the panel out. Release to set the new width.