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Zenkit Projects offers different ways you can view your projects and tasks. This feature is practical when working on larger projects as it helps keep an overview from many different "angles". Choose the view that suits your progress best and switch from view to view as your project progresses.

To switch to another view, you can select one of the available ones from the tab bar. Here you can see some views available in Zenkit.

If you are looking for an additional view, you can click "+ New View" to see even more options.

To get a more detailed introduction to our view, feel free to take a look at this folder that includes all the important articles about views in Zenkit Projects.

Team View vs. Private View

After you created the desired views, you can personalize them from within the view settings. To open the view settings, click the "..." symbol in the top right corner of an opened view. Besides the individual settings that vary from view to view you will be able to decide whether the view should be visible to the entire team or if they should be your private ones.

As changing the view is an action that is visible to every project member this feature can become very helpful when you want to personalize your views.