Recurring tasks are controlled by a repeater that lets you repeat tasks in regular intervals over a certain period of time. You can choose when and how often an item repeats, and for how long.

After having added a due date to your task, another field called "Repeater" will appear. Click on it to set when, where, and how often your task should be repeated.

After having clicked on "Repeater" you will see a menu in which you can personalize your repeater. There are two different types of repeaters that can be created in Zenkit Projects. The Task Repeater will create a copy of the corresponding task once the previous task has been marked as done. Whereas the Auto Repeater will regularly create copies of your tasks. 

Then select the time intervals at which your tasks should be repeated. You can choose between weeks, days, months and years. In addition to that, you can also select a specific day on which the repeated task should be added.
Furthermore, repeated tasks can be ended after a period of time. Click "Ends" to manage the end date of the recurrence. choose between a specific date, never or if it should end after a certain amount of occurrences. 

Please note

  • Virtual tasks are 'created' by Zenkit automatically as soon as the due date of the previous task is over. E.g. if today is your birthday, the virtual task for next year's birthday will already be created.
  • Changing one task in a repeater will not apply those changes to the other tasks
  • Archiving a repeated task will not cause other task in the repeater to be archived. To delete future tasks, you need to delete the repeater

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