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Add due dates to your tasks so you always know what's due and when.

Adding a due date

To add a due date to an existing task, tap to open the task, then tap on the "Due Date" field. (The same goes for the desktop and web apps, except you click instead of tap.)

You can type a date in the field at the top of the date dialog, or use the arrow buttons to move between months.

Looking for a date far in the future? Tap on the month and year heading at the top of the calendar to select a month.

Need to find a different year? Tap on the year shown at the top of this month selection and pick the year. There's one more option to choose a decade, but most people probably don't need to select a due date decades from now!

The currently selected date will be highlighted in dark blue. Today's date is displayed with a pale blue background. Once you've selected your date, tap 'Save' or click somewhere on the task outside of the date picker (on web or desktop).

You can also add a reminder to a due date if you need one!

Removing a due date

To remove the due date from a task, click the X that appears next to the date on the task. Alternatively, you can tap on the date, then on "Clear date" at the bottom of the date picker.