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You can easily collaborate in your lists by commenting on tasks and using @mentions to directly notify other users. To comment on a task, simply tap or click "Add comment" at the bottom of an open task and start typing!

Comments will appear under the task details, stamped with the time and date the comment was made. Recent comments will state "Today 14:00" or "2 Days ago". Older comments receive a time and date stamp. 

If you want to write to a specific person, you can @mention them by typing "@" followed by their username. Zenkit To Do will auto-suggest either list members or folder members in the menu as you type. Another way to mention someone in a comment in the web or desktop app is to drag and drop their member icon into the comment field! Wherever you see their icon, e.g. as an assigned member on the open task, or from the member drop down menu, you can drag it! 

If you tap or click "Reply" to a comment, the person you are replying to will automatically be @mentioned and notified of your response. 

You can edit comments after you've posted them by clicking the "Edit" button under the comment, and delete them by clicking "Delete". In the mobile app, tap the comment to access the edit and delete functions.

In addition, you can make tasks out of the comments. To do this, click on "Convert to task". The task will then also appear in your list. Click on the converted comment to add further information to the task.