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Accessing provisioning settings

To access the organization settings from your admin account, click on the profile icon, and then on your profile icon again. You'll see the name of your organization in the Profile section, with a "Manage" button to the right. Click this to open the organization settings, then click "Provisioning" in the panel to the left to open the provisioning settings.

The provisioning settings allow you to manage how users and groups are provisioned in your organization. You can also automatically provision your users and groups using SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), or when someone logs on through SSO.

Manual provisioning

If you allow manual provisioning by setting the toggle to the 'on' position, you will be able to manually add users through the User and Group settings of the organization.

Provisioning through SSO

You can automatically provision users that login through a single sign on, so that the user gets added to your organization as soon as they log in using the link provided by your identity provider (IdP).

Provisioning through SCIM

SCIM or System for Cross-domain Identity Management is an open API that allows you to automatically provision users and groups and is published under the IETF. Zenkit currently only supports SCIM 2.0.

To set up provisioning through SCIM, click the 'Enabled' toggle to the on position. This will show the base URL and bearer token, which are needed to authenticate Zenkit with your IdP.

Please see the following documentation for setting up instructions for your specific IdP "Provisioning in Microsoft Azure AD".

Once provisioning has been successfully set up on both sides, each time you add a user to your IdP, that user will appear with a 'Provisioned' status on your main user list in the 'User' tab of your organization settings. The user will only be billed once they log in to Zenkit for the first time.


If someone you're trying to add via provisioning already has a Zenkit account registered with the same email address as is given in your IdP, then you will see an error. In this case, you will need to acquire the existing Zenkit user into your organization.