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Editing field properties

You can edit field properties from the field properties menu. To open the properties menu, click on the field name on any open item, or click on the column header in table view then click "Properties".

Different fields allow you to change different properties. Most fields allow you to set a default value, and others, like the number field for example, allow you to be very granular in the properties you set. For more information about the different field properties, please read our guide to basic fields.

Renaming fields

To rename a field, open the field properties menu and type the new name into the 'Name' bar. The new field name will be used wherever field names are displayed (as a table column header, for example).

Migrating field types

You may find you need to convert a field - for example, if you started tracking costs in a text field, but then needed to use them in a formula, you could convert it to a number field. You can also convert different number field types (eg. integer to currency or decimal) if needs be. To convert a field type, open the field properties and choose the desired field. Scroll to the section "Type" and click "Migrate".

To make sure there are no mistakes made while migrating fields, the original field will remain in the collection. You will then be able to check if everything was converted the right way and can remove the initial field after that. 

Zenkit will try its best to convert the fields in a meaningful way however, some conversions are not possible. For example, converting a text field to a formula field is not possible. Converting a file field into any other type of field will cause the attachments to be removed. Certain characters may also affect the conversion, for example, a '$' or any lettered text in a text field that you're converting to a currency field will cause an error. Only pure numbers can be converted.