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Need to make your text more easily readable? Want to be able to copy and paste HTML directly? Need somewhere to insert code blocks? You've come to the right place! Zenkit's rich text editor allows you to write in plain text, HTML or markdown.

To start using the rich text editor, click on the expanding arrow icon that appears to the top right of any text field. Click on "Plain" in the top right-hand corner, then on HTML or markdown.

You can also change the default text type in the field properties of any text field. 


Selecting your editor

Note: When switching between the different editor types, you may be warned that switching modes may result in a loss of formatting. This loss of formatting should only occur when you switch from markdown or HTML to plain text. 


The plain option is just a simple text editor. You can't format the font in any way. When you create a collection, all text fields are Plain text by default. The two arrow icon in the top right toggles the full screen mode, so you can work on your text distraction-free. You can click 'Save', click onto someone else on the item, or use Ctrl/Cmd + Enter to save your work and close the text editor. 


The HTML editor is incredibly powerful.

In the button bar, you'll see all of the familiar text editing options, such as making text bold, centered, or in a list. You can also use the rounded arrow buttons to undo or redo changes. The link button can be used to add a link to your text. When you click it, this little pop-up window will appear: 

If you highlighted text before clicking the link button, the highlighted text will be added to the 'Link name' bar. If you haven't highlighted the text before clicking the link button, you can add your link text here. Then you can just add the link in the 'Link address' bar.

The eraser icon will erase the formatting from any text you highlight. To use it, simply highlight the text you want to remove formatting from, then click the eraser. 

Lastly, the little code icon () will show you the source code of any HTML text you write. It doesn't look pretty, but it's essentially what the entire web is made of. And that's the extra cool thing about the HTML text editor in Zenkit. You can copy and paste any web page into it, and it'll recreate that page right inside your item!

This also includes plugins from other apps such as Instagram or Twitter: This can be great if you're learning to code and want to play around with various styles, or if you're a web designer and just want a quick way to show your work to clients. 


Markdown is a quick and simple way to format your text without having to click any buttons or use any html code. Once you get the hang of the basic commands, you'll be writing beautifully formatted text fluently!

With your text field expanded, you can use the buttons in the button bar to insert some simple formatting or use more advanced formatting if you know it.

If you need some ideas on how to format your markdown text, click the '?' button in the button bar to view our help dialog. 

The markdown editor supports the official markdown syntax created by Daring Fireball, and uses some GitHub 'flavor'. Click the links to view comprehensive lists of all markdown syntax from each site.