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Do you like checking tasks off as you get them done? Does that little ping of completion put a pep in your step? Does watching your task list get shorter and shorter make the little productivityist inside of you glow with happiness? Then we have the feature for you! Any collection in Zenkit can be set up as a "task list" collection. Doing this means that in any view except the table view, you'll be able to check a box to mark tasks as "done". This will also automatically move that item down the list!

Set your collection as a task list collection

You can set a collection to be a task list from the 'Manage Add-Ons' section of the collection properties. To open it, click on the collection name, then on "Manage Add-Ons". Next to "Task List" click "Add". You will be taken to the task management settings.

Task list settings

Setting up your to-do list is quite simple. The task list add-on works by creating a checkbox that moves an item from one label to another in a label field of your choice. When setting it up, first you need to choose the label field you want to move items in. 

Then you select the label you want to move them from, to the label you want to move them to.

Using the task list feature

In each view and in the item details, a small check box will appear on the item. 

In list view, all items with the label you want to move from will be sorted to the top of the list.

When you check the box, the item will be assigned the second label you chose and will move to the bottom of the list. This change is shown in every single view.

Toggle sound

Not a fan of the pinging sound? Not a problem. Go to your profile settings to find the 'Sound' setting just below your language, time and date settings. 

To disable sound, click the toggle to the off position.

Have fun!

The great thing about this feature is that you don't have to stick to "To Do" and "Done" - this works for any kind of label you like. Move inventory from 'Available' to 'Sold Out', mark applications as 'Accepted', or track the arrival of event attendees. It's up to you!