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Ever wanted to share your Zenkit collection without adding a member, or embed a mind map into your website? With the "Publish Collection" add-on you can make your content available to anyone! Share your collection via a link, or embed it on your own website. 

Enable the publish collection add-on

Open the collection settings by clicking on the collection name, then click on 'Manage Add-Ons' in the left-hand menu. Next to "Publish Collection", click "Add".

If you don't yet have any views set as "Team-View" (i.e. visible to all collection or workspace members), you will have to toggle at least one to continue. Once you have one or more public views, click on "Enable" in the top right hand corner. 


Preview and share link

Once you click "Enable", you'll be able to manage exactly what gets shared. 

On the left hand panel you'll find the "URL Options". These are a set of toggles that allow you to enable or disable certain collection functions:

Show Filters: Show or hide the filter option. People will be able to use filters in the collection and public saved filters will appear in the filter list if this is enabled.

Show Collection Name: Show or hide the collection name.

Allow Switching Collections: If this is enabled and there are multiple published collections in a workspace, the viewer will be able to switch between different public collections via the workspace menu in the top left.

Allow Switching Views: Allows or prevents a user from switching views via the view menu in the top right hand corner of the collection.

Initial View: This lets you choose which of the team views is displayed to the viewer when they first open the link or view the embedded collection.

Underneath the URL Options, you'll find the sharable URL and the Embed code. Anyone you share the URL with will have "Guest" level access, meaning that they will not be able to comment on or make changes to items.

Once you're done choosing your settings, click on "Done" in the top right hand corner. 

Sharing and changing public URLs

Each time you change a URL option, it changes the URL that's automatically generated. You can share a URL with certain options toggled on, then share another with different options set. Previously shared URLs remain active with their specific URL options set. Each time you set new options and create a new URL, it doesn't make the old URL obsolete.

To change any of these shared collection options, click on "Published" that appears next to the collection name, then on "Preview and share link".
You can also do this via the "Manage Add-ons" section of your collection settings. If you change the views that have been made public in the collection, this won't affect the URL of the public collection, but those views will become visible in shared links where you have "Allow Switching Views" toggled on.

Hiding fields

If you want to hide some information from public viewers, you have the option to hide certain fields in your published collection. 

To do this, open your published collection settings by clicking the "Published" icon to the right of your collection name. You will see a section at the bottom called "Fields". Click the "Public field visibility" button to change the field settings.

A green toggle means that the field is visible. Click on the toggle to hide the field from people viewing your published or embedded collection (it should go grey).
Note: The title field (primary field) of every collection will always be visible and cannot be hidden. Alternatively, click on the name of the Collection and then the "Fields" tab. Click on a field to open the field properties menu, then scroll down and click the toggle next to "Publicly visible" to "Off".  

Un-publish collections

To un-publish a collection, you need to remove the add-on. You can do this by clicking on the "Published" button next to the collection name, or from the collection settings.

To remove the add-on, click "Remove Add-On from Collection".