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You can connect Zenkit to your Microsoft Teams account in order to add your Zenkit collections as a tab in your channel and to get updates about new items, activities, comments or general updates in your collection right in your chat. 

Logging in to Zenkit on MS Teams

As soon as you or someone in your team adds a Zenkit connector or tab to the Team, the Zenkit Bot will appear in your Team's message channel.
It will immediately give you the option to log in to Zenkit, which you should do in order to use features like getting notifications via the connector, embedding your collections in tabs, and using the item messaging extension.

You can log in and out using the Zenkit bot in your groups message channel, or via the chat.

To activate the bot, type "@Zenkit", then wait to select the Zenkit bot from the menu. Then type 'login' or 'logout'. 

Add the Zenkit connector to your channel

In any channel in your MS Teams account, click the ... icon shown to the right of the channel name, then click 'Connectors'.
In the dialog that opens up, search for 'Zenkit' in the search bar in the top left corner.
When the Zenkit connector appears, click 'Configure'.
A new dialog with the Zenkit interface will open. You'll be asked to choose the collection, notification type, and language of the notification.
Once you've done that, click 'Save'. Depending on the notification type you chose, you will get a notification in the Teams channel about a new item, comment, activity or change to an item.

You can click on 'Open in Zenkit' to open the item in Zenkit, or on 'Add comment...' to comment on the new item. 

Add a Zenkit collection as a tab

You can add entire Zenkit collections to tabs inside your channels so that you can work on your collections right from Microsoft Teams. To add a Zenkit collection in a new tab, click the + icon at the top of the channel.
In the new dialog box that opens, search for Zenkit then click on the Zenkit icon when you find it.

A list of workspaces and collections in your account will show. Pick the collection you want to add in a tab, then click 'Save'.
Once that's done, the collection will appear in a new channel tab. You can interact with the collection exactly as you would within Zenkit. 

Search and share items

You can search for any item in your connected Zenkit account and send it to the channel with a comment or two from the Zenkit messaging extension. To do this, click on the ... icon under the message entry field in your channel. Choose Zenkit from the list of apps, then type in the name of the item you're looking for. 

Click on the item and add any comments you need before hitting enter to send the message.

Pin the Zenkit messaging extension

If you want to regularly share Zenkit items with your team, you can pin the Zenkit messaging extension to the bar so you can add items with a single click. To pin it, click on the ... icon next to 'Zenkit' then choose 'Pin'.
The Zenkit icon will appear under the message entry field. Click it to search for an item.