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The smart views Assignments and All Done Tasks show you all tasks in one long list. With the help of Assignments, you can track exactly to which members the different tasks of your projects are assigned. Need a little motivation in your team? With the Smart View All Done Tasks you can present to your team how much has been accomplished on your project. To create the respective Smart Views, click on "Create Smart View" and select the desired view.

After creating the Smart Views, they can be found in the side panel on the left side in the "Smart View" section.


Add new tasks to the Smart View at any time by clicking on the "Add Task..." bar. Below the bar, you can select the appropriate project to which your task should be added.

The tasks in the list are grouped by project. To find out who is assigned which task of which project, click on the person icon in the upper right corner. Select the member whose tasks you want to see.

Both the list of all done tasks and the assignments list have a filtering function. Either use the text field to search for the title of a specific task or filter your tasks by various conditions.

When filtering by at least two conditions, you can choose between "and" and "or". With "and" all your selected conditions must apply to the filter results, while with "or" at least one condition always applies to the filtered tasks.

Click the "..." icon at the top right of the task list to adjust the task size, the included project, and the position of the images.