Zenkit Projects allows you to set a specific theme or background that will be visible in every single project. The theme you set from within your profile settings is overridden by the project theme add on. single project. 

To set a custom theme for your account open your profile settings by clicking on your profile icon. Click "Settings" after that.

The settings are divided into two sections within the Projects section, click "Theme". 

You'll see two toggles:

  • Dark Mode: When dark mode is toggled on, panels become black and text becomes white. The background options will also change to darker pictures.
  • Transparent: When the transparent option is toggled on, panels and menus become partially transparent.

Under the "Backgrounds" section, you'll find a small selection of pictures or plain colors to use as a background. These change depending on whether dark or light mode is selected. Under "Personal" you'll be able to upload background images of your choice. 

To upload a custom background click the "+" icon in the "Personal" section at the bottom of the window. You will then be able to choose between creating a drawing and uploading an image. In case you have copied a file before you can simply paste it into the popup.

Cover vs. Tile

For custom backgrounds, you have the option to change the display type. To do so, click on "Edit" on the tile showing the background.