In Hypernotes in addition to exporting entire notebooks, you can also export single pages. 


Exporting via Markdown is especially helpful when planning on implementing your text into other apps. This way your formatting will always look the exact same.

To do so, simply open your desired page and click the "..." icon in the top right corner of the page and choose "Export as Markdown". 

A menu will appear after that in which you can choose to export as a flat markdown as well as whether you want to include the title or not. 

Flat markdown means, that no list indicators / bullet point indicators for every line will not be added to the exported text. 

(Just Markdown: # Page - Block 1 - Block 1.1 - Block 2 | Flat Markdown: #Page Block 1 Block 1.1 Block 2)


To export your page as a PDF, select "Print" after clicking on the "..." icon. 

Here, too, a menu opens in which you can select whether the notebook and other pages should be linked and whether the tasks of the page or notebook should appear in the PDF. 

In addition, you can select whether the layout should be simple, hierarchical or enumerated.

After you have made all the necessary selections, you can "Generate PDF" and download or print it.