Let's assume that your collection lists all the tasks of your entire organisation in the form of items. In order for your employees to work more efficiently, it is helpful if they can only see items from a certain period, for example.

First, open the access settings and select the member for whom you want to adjust the access.

After you have selected the desired member, you can see their role. 

Please note that access control can only be set for members who have specific roles within the collection. For access control, the member's role must be either an editor, a collaborator, a commentator or a guest. Pure collection members have unrestricted access.

Once you have customised the role, you can click on "Access Control" below the listing of the role. You can apply a filter so that the member only sees items that are due in a certain period.

Therefore, click on "Filter" in the "Item Restrictions" section and add the desired condition.

In this case, we need the field "Due date". After you have selected your date field, you can specify your selection by clicking into the field. 

You can choose from a wide variety of presets here and also specify personalised time periods. In addition, you can select past, current and upcoming weeks, months or years. It is also possible to display tasks that have already expired.

As soon as you apply a filter, a text field is always applied as the first automatic condition. You can delete this by moving the mouse over it and clicking on the "X" that appears shortly afterwards. 

When you have added all the desired conditions, you can click on "Done" in the upper right corner. You can then return to the general overview of the member. To save the access restriction, select "Save" again in the upper right corner.

In addition, you can also select field restrictions for the respective members of your collection. You can find out more about this here