In addition to the automations already proposed, you can also turn your own automation wishes into reality in Zenkit. This always requires a trigger and an action. 

Open the automation menu as described here. One way to get to the automations would be via the project settings, for example. Click on the project name of an open project and then select "Automations". Click on "Create Automations" after that.

You will then see quite a few suggestions of already existing automations. To create your very own one, simply click "Create Custom Automation".

A window will open where you can give your automation a name, as well as add a description. 

In addition, a trigger must now be defined here, which will then trigger the automation in action. There are three triggers to choose from:

  • When a task matches a certain filter (you define a filter yourself, with which the tasks are filtered. Only the tasks that match this specific filter will trigger the automation). 
  • When a task is created (This is as simple as it sounds. Each time a new task is created, the automation is triggered).
  • When a task is updated (Whenever a change is made to the tasks, the automation will be triggered. This is useful, for example, to automatically adjust the due date).

Click here, to get more information on adding a filter as a trigger. 

No matter which project you chose to add the automation from, you will be able to choose in which project of that organization the trigger should take place.

After having chosen and customized the trigger, it is time to choose the corresponding actions to go with it. Currently, there are four options to choose from: 

Most of them are pretty self-explanatory but it is important to mention, that you will always have to choose which project the actions and triggers should take place in.

  • "Create task" will create a task in your desired project
  • "Update task" will update a chosen field to your liking. (This would be a great action to adapt due dates after a task has been updated for example)
  • Archive task will simply archive the corresponding task right away
  • Add task comment will automatically add your customized message to the task that has been added, updated or matches a filter.