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Ever looked at your project and just felt completely overwhelmed? Whenever you have a large project to tackle, the best advice is always to break big tasks down into smaller subtasks that feel manageable and approachable on a realistic timeline.

The subitems field lets you quickly and easily add subtasks to any item and create a hierarchical structure that clearly shows you which task belongs to which.

The subitem field is deeply connected with the hierarchy view and mind map view - adding and removing items from, or changing the position of an item in, the subitem field will change where the item appears in those views. 

Creating a subitem field

There can only be one subitem field per collection. To create a new subitem field, open any item, scroll to the bottom and click "+ Add", then "+ Custom field". Select "Subitems" from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, when you create a hierarchy or mind map view, it will prompt you to create the subitem field before you can continue on to the view. Click "Generate required field" to create the subitem field.

Adding subitems to an item

To add subitems to an item, click on "Add Item", type in your item name, then hit 'Enter/Return' to add the next one.

You can add as many items as you like in this way. To open any subitem, just click on its name. You can also add existing items as a subitem by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the right-hand side of the field and typing in the name of the item you'd like to add. 

Subitem field properties

To view the properties of your subitems field, click on the name of your field.

A pop-up will appear, in which you can change the name of the field, add a description, and choose whether existing items can be selected and whether the hierarchy path should be shown. 

Showing the hierarchy path

To show where an item lies in the hierarchical structure of the collection, open the field properties and click the toggle next to "Show path"

The hierarchy will appear at the top of the subitems field. Click on the name of any item in the hierarchy to open it. 

Subitems and the task list add-on

If you have the task list add-on enabled in your collection when you mark an item as complete, all of its subitems will also be marked as done!
 Note: Unchecking a subtask of a checked task will un-check it, however unchecking the parent task will not uncheck its subitems. 

Using the subitem filter

The subitem filter is a real game-changer. With "Set filter for subitems", you can immediately view all tasks related to a particular task in a couple of clicks. Not only does this help you intuitively know the progress of a particular part of your project it also does away with the anxiety-inducing mass of tasks on your board in an instant.
 To use the filter, open the item you want to find subitems of, then click the filter icon to the right-hand side of the field name, then choose "Set filter for subitems".


Filtering for items in a hierarchical range

Alongside the subitem filter, we've also built a range filter to help you find all tasks within a particular hierarchical range - view all top-level tasks only, or any tasks within any range with a simple slide of the toggle.

To use this filter, open the filter menu, click "+ Add Condition" and pick the subitems field. Use the toggles to reduce the range of items shown.

Moving both toggles to position 1 will cause only items in the first tier to show. Having the toggles set to 1 and 3 will show items in tiers 1, 2, and 3, etc.