A one-to-one chat is a private chat between you and one other Zenkit member. 

Create a 1:1 chat

You can create a chat with someone by searching for them via the search bar at the top of the navigation panel, or by inviting them to join Zenchat.

Alternatively, you can click on the ... icon that appears on any message sent by them in a group, project, or topic chat, then click "Chat with [their name]" to create a 1:1 chat with them. 

1:1 chat settings

There are some limited settings available in 1:1 chats, such as viewing all files sent within the chat, searching through chat messages, and handling notification settings. You can learn more about chat settings here

Creating & viewing tasks

To start creating tasks in your chat, click on the "Tasks" button in the top right hand corner. If tasks have not yet been enabled, click on "Enable".

Once tasks are enabled, you can turn any message you send in the chat into a task. To do so, click on the ... icon that appears when you hover over any message, then choose "Convert to task". On mobile, press and hold on the task until the menu of options opens and tap "Convert to task".  

You can learn more about working with tasks here.