In addition to giving logged-in users access to your collections, you can now create password-protected access when sharing a link to the collection. This password can then be easily sent to the respective user with the collection link. 

A password to access the collection can be set in the access settings. To do so, open the collection settings by clicking on the name of the open collection in the upper left corner of the screen. Then select "Access".

Scroll down to the bottom and select "Create password-protected access".

A window will now open where you can give the password-protected access a name, assign a role to the member and set an expiry date for the access. Below these fields, you can enter a password for access.

Various roles are available for password-protected access.

Collection Editor: Editors can create and archive items and add information to items, for example by adding labels, text, dates or numbers, but they cannot add, remove or make changes to fields. Editors also cannot change how a particular view is displayed, and they cannot create or edit saved filters and views. They cannot add or remove members, change member roles or change collection backgrounds.

Collection Contributor: Can create and edit items but cannot delete or archive items.

Collection Guest: Guests can view a collection, and use filters and open items, but cannot interact with it in any way.

With a click on "Access control", you can additionally limit the access further. You can find out exactly how this works here.

Once you have added all the necessary settings to the password-protected access, click on "Create".

All the accesses you have created are listed in the "Password-protected access" section. Simply move your mouse over it to copy the access or remove it by clicking on the "X".

By copying it to your clipboard, you copy the link to the collection, which you can forward to the appropriate people along with the password.