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The list view is the simplest view in Base. It is the easiest place to put down your ideas as a stream of thought or a list of to-dos. The best thing about the list view is its simplicity. You can just type down whatever it is that you need to start working on, without worrying about how it'll be categorized, who is in charge of it all, when it's due, etc. The list is where you start to build the foundations of your projects.

Creating items in list view

Click on the bar that says "Add Item..." and start typing your item name. 

Press "Enter" to start the next item.

Moving items

Moving items up and down the list is very simple. Just click on an item and drag and drop it to the new position. 

You can also easily move items between collections from the list view. Click and drag the item to your navigation menu, then drop it on the name of the collection you'd like to move it to.